our story


Eloïse Panetta embodies luxury fashion and a thoughtfully sustainable practice to embrace beauty in every essence of the female form

I have always felt a connection to truly beautiful fashion design. For me, fashion and the experience for women to feel beautiful has always been prominently fused together by not only stunning designs and fabrics, but the process. 

I have a strong appreciation for the centuries of laborious women’s work that has evolved and founded fashion into the modern age. Through this appreciation, each Eloïse Panetta piece is embedded with a story, honouring artisanal skills passed down through my Italian heritage.  

I invite you to take a step into my atelier and embrace the feminine power that has flourished and inspired for generations, through products that embody luxury fashion and a thoughtfully sustainable practice. 

Embracing the skills from my nonna Rosa, a focus on slow, conscious fashion that cares for quality, longevity and sustainability is procured, interlaced with the teachings, support and love from the most influential women in my life. 

Carmela, Vida, Rosa, Adele, Nicole, Lex, Liv and Lisa; 

These women inspire and elevate me as a woman each and every day through my life, and through Eloïse Panetta, I hope to embrace you through yours.

Motivated by the origins of feminine empowerment and nurtured with the intention to produce a transparent and ethical approach to fashion, Eloïse Panetta lulls gently in a rhythm of evolution and growth for the impact of sustainable luxury fashion.

I invite you to share my unfolding journey along this path and to celebrate my genuine desire to simply create beautiful things. 

Eloïse x